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Google Gemini writes me a banger of a poem

11 Feb 2024

A poem that probably would have really have been the talk of the town back in the medieval times.

Just yesterday, I decided to give Google Gemini a try since it was announced, and I was pretty blown away with the result.

I simply asked Google Gemini to "write me about a poem about a flower that has given up on life".

This is what was presented...

No more the sun's caress I crave,
No thirsty dew my petals lave.
My vibrant hues, once bold and bright,
Now fade to whispers of the night.

The earth I cradled, now a tomb,
My stem, once proud, begins to droop.
The wind's soft hand, once a delight,
Now tears my fragile form tonight.

No buzzing bee seeks nectar's kiss,
No butterfly on wings of bliss
Will grace my crown, once held so high.
The dance of life has passed me by.

I sigh, a rustle in the breeze,
And let the falling leaves find peace.
My song is sung, my petals fall,
A silent bloom against the wall.

But wait, a touch, a gentle hand,
Lifts me, a seed upon the sand.
The cycle turns, a chance renews,
Perhaps in spring, I'll bloom anew.

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